Who is it for?

Automotive dealerships, manufacturers and captive and independent finance companies. Whether they have their our prospecting team or not.

How does it work?

We can take your raw or refined (equity/parity) data and contact your customers on your behalf, whilst looking and sounding like part of your team.

Alternatively, we can at least double the efficiency of your own prospecting activity through our innovative technology solution.

What will it do?

Whichever of our services a business opts to take up, the outcome is always a significant improvement in both prospected appointment levels and repeat vehicle sales from your existing customer base.

We also help you make the most of your inbound telephone, email and live chat enquiries with our 7 day a week, 363 days a year response service.

Is a significant investment required?

No. This is where we are completely different, compared to the traditional approach taken by ancilary service providers in the Automotive Retail market.

Our service has minimal setup costs and all commitments are on a short term rolling contract.

We are so confident in our delivery that we know you will be be delighted wih the results and this gives us all the commitment we need from you.

What is the return on investment?

Very significant. Our services always generate a very high return on the investment levels made – guaranteed!

How do customers respond to the calls?

As our call agents have worked in the UK Dealer Network, Prospecting Dynamics understands that a soft customer focussed, unpressured approach is required to make a customer feel valued by your business.

All our calls are recorded and stored securely in the cloud for reference or review.

Is it a “Hard Sell” scenario?

Our calls are very different to a generic, pushy telesales type of ‘sales pitch’.

All calls are focused on extending a warm invitation to your customers to re-engage with your Sales Team on a nothing ventured, nothing gained basis.